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Snack Time #2 – #Vorthos


Welcome to another episode of Snack Time with Mike and Ant. In this episode, Mike and Ant discuss the flavorful parts of a Magic card and how flavor and Vorthos content enhances the game.

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Flavor Gems for This Week

Surgical Extraction

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Gorilla Titan

I had a little extra flavor in the last show notes, so I decided to continue that tradition:

As Mike and I discussed in the podcast, the card name Sleep (much to our surprise) went unused until strong>Magic 2010. We found it odd because early Magic is notorious for its overuse of one-word names on cards that are not necessarily perfect fits for those names. As it turns out, the first spell to be concepted as putting a creature to sleep is way back in the set Legends. What is even stranger is that the card could have easily been given the name Sleep, but it was instead given a setting-specific name. If only the individual working on names for Legends had been in the same mindset when naming our poor friends Backfire, Undertow, and Teleport.

Venarian Gold

Last, as promised by Mike, please enjoy this picture of a picture of early Mirrodin:

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