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The Best 7 Songs to Sing with Ursula - Deceiver of All


Into the Inklands brings us an entire collection of brand new cards to play and trade with. However, today we're going to be focusing on one of the best cards from the set, and that's Ursula - Deceiver of All. Let's take a look below to see exactly what it is she does:

Ursula is a 3-cost inkable character that quests for 1 lore. She has 2 Strength, and 3 Willpower. That's all okay, but we're going to take a look at her printed ability, What a Deal:

Whenever this character sings a song, you may play that song again from your discard pile for free, then put it on the bottom of your deck.

This ability alone on turn four is powerful. There are some really strong songs that can take advantage of this ability, and we're going to review them in no specific order.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo

This Emerald song is amazing on its own, but where it really shines here is when Ursula sings it. Let's look at some powerful plays:

Would you like to draw 5 cards and put a character on the board? Or, how about 5 lore instead? How about a mix of both? You can do this with Merlin - Goat and Merlin - Rabbit. On turn four, you play either Goat or Rabbit, netting you a card or 1 lore. Then, you sing Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo, selecting whichever character you played and bouncing it back to your hand and playing another character. It can even be the same character netting either more cards or lore. Then you can do it a 2nd time, selecting the same character for the bounce effect. I personally like drawing cards early and then using this strategy right at 15 lore to close the game out. These two inks have a lot of characters with on play effects, so the possibilities are endless.

Friends on the Other Side

This one is pretty straightforward; sing it twice for 4 cards. This is a good fallback to the plan above if you didn't get either Goat or Rabbit by turn four. This song also is inkable in the event you're low on ink throughout the match.

Let the Storm Rage On

This is a great play if you decide to go with Emerald and Steel. Being able to deal a total of 4 damage to either a single target or two targets for 2 damage each and drawing 2 cards is a no-brainer.

The Bare Necessities

The Bare Necessities was a fantastic song added to Amber to allow you to view and remove any non-character card from your opponent's hand. Now you get to do it twice. Early on, this can cause huge ink issues for your opponent if you can discard the right cards.

Strike a Good Match

This is another great Emerald card that allows you to dig through your deck and discard what you don't need from your hand. Being able to draw 4 and discard two is a great way to find just what you need for the right moment.

Mother Knows Best

Given that Emerald seems to have the top choices in 3 or less cost songs, it would be criminal not to include one of my favorites. Being able to send back character to your opponent's hand and trying to discard them is a strong line of play. This means you don't need to challenge their characters to remove those threats. Sending back two characters? That's a huge tempo swing.

Sudden Chill

Short, simple, and to the point. The opponent now needs to discard 2 cards instead of 1. This could wipe out a hand at the right time sending your opponent into a top deck mode.

Other considerations

Ursula sends cards to the bottom of the deck. What if we want to see those cards again? That's easy, let's take a look at three cards that you could play to shuffle your own deck. Yzma - Scary Beyond All Reason, Pua - Potbellied Buddy, and Magic Broom - Bucket Brigade are able to reshuffle your deck allowing you the opportunity to find songs to sing again with Ursula. More songs = more profit.


Here are 7 songs I would consider adding to my deck if I were playing these inks. I'm curious though, how has your experience been when building around this legendary Ursula? Are you excited for future sets and what songs they might include that can synergies with Deceiver of All even more?

This article was brought to you by CoolStuffInc, your number one place TCG singles for Lorcana, and many other popular TCGs. See you out in the Inklands!

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