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A Buyer's Guide for Ursula's Return


Whether you are new to Lorcana, a bit of a beginner, or competitive player, Ursula's Return brings you multiple ways to enjoy Lorcana. From Starter Decks, to Illumineer's Troves, and even a standalone product for cooperative play, there's something here for everyone. Let's dive into each of the products to find what works best for you!

For Players Just Starting Out

Ursula's Return follows the pattern of the previous two sets with two new starter decks. Debuting for the first time in Disney Lorcana, we have the Madrigal family from Encanto representing Amber and Amethyst. For the second deck, we have Anna and friends in a hero-based tribal style deck representing Sapphire and Steel. Both decks are extremely fun to play out of the box and for the most part seem to be on par with each other power level-wise. In addition to a 60-card deck, you get paper tokens for keeping track of damage and lore, and small place mat with instructions on how to play, and a booster pack just jumpstart your deck with a few upgrades.

For Players Looking To Play Cooperatively

Ursula's Return breaks the mold with a new product called the Illumineer's Quest - Deep Trouble. For the first time, we have Illumineers teaming up to take down the big bad of the set, Ursula herself. Now the kit itself comes with two fairly strong 60 card decks to challenge Ursula. However, the game can be played with up to 4 player, provided the additional players bring their own decks. You're also not limited to what's included in the box, so you are able to fine tune a deck specifically for dealing with Ursula and helping other Illumineers along the way. Illumineer's Quest - Deep Trouble comes with multiple difficulty levels, allowing you to truly put you and your fellow Illumineers through tough challenges to lay claim to Ursula's defeat. Defeat the sea witch and be rewarded with an exclusive prize card, only obtainable through Illumineer's Quest - Deep Trouble. Thematically, this is a strong product that I've heard nothing but good things about and I'm happy to see Lorcana expand into this kind of play.

For Set Collectors

Ursula's Return has two staple products for you; the Illumineer's Trove and Booster Packs. We'll start off with the booster packs since those are included in the Illumineer's Trove. Each booster pack contains a randomization of 6 common cards, 3 uncommon cards, 2 rare, super rare, and/or legendary cards, and a cold foil card, along with 1 of the 9 puzzle piece insert cards for the set. These packs are extremely fun to open at the beginning of a set release to capture the excitement of pulling powerful and rare cards. There's even a chance of you pulling an ever elusive Enchanted card, which is an alternate art version of a regular card from the set with unique cold foiling. These cards typically fetch really good value when trading or selling.

Moving on to the Illumineer's Trove, you'll get 8 of the booster packs mentioned above, a study two-row storage container, dice used for tracking individual character damage, a spinning lore counter, and dividers used to sort your cards through rarity. These are really good purchases for those who like to open multiple packs at once and need additional storage right away. The dice in this set are also very pretty, representing the true color identity of the set. I have personally purchased 3 myself and continue to do so for every set.

For Competitive Players

Whether it's for placing top cut in locals or aiming for the coveted gold printed Mickey Mouse - Brave Tailor, your deck needs those top meta cards to thoroughly compete. Thankfully, Ravensburger seems to have dialed in on the supply issues we were facing during The First Chapter and Rise of the Floodborn, which allows for a healthy second-hand market of singles available in-person and online through reputable sellers, such as CoolStuffInc. This route ends to work out well for collectors as you get to a point where buying additional packs doesn't make sense once you're just missing a handful of cards.

We Can't Forget About Accessories

Ursula's Return brings us new mats, deck boxes, and sleeves to allow us to even further enhance our gameplay and experience while playing Disney Lorcana. For mats, we have Tinkerbell - Giant Fairy and Rapunzel - Gifted Artist to use from previous sets. With gorgeous artwork on a high quality neoprene mat, you have a beautiful, yet functional area to play on. For deck boxes and sleeves, we have matching Genie and Snow White products to show true appreciation and dedication to some of your favorite Disney characters.


There you have it, new product for a fantastic follow up to Into the Inklands. What will you be getting? Be sure to let me know on Twitter/X: @_EmeraldWeapon_.

This article was brought to you by CoolStuffInc, the best place for Lorcana product and content. Check us out weekly for great Disney Lorcana content, whether it's new deck brews or in-depth reviews./

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