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Where Can I Play Disney Lorcana?


Disney Lorcana is a fun to play trading card game that sees play all the way from casual play, up to high level competitive play. Let's find out which way playing Lorcana works for you.

In The Comfort Of Your Home

Disney Lorcana was created in mind for a wide range of trading card game enthusiasts. Whether you're just starting, or trying to put your reps in for an upcoming Store Championship, there's no better place than to start practicing at home. Here, you can take your time with your opponents to thoroughly understand the basic and comprehensive rules, as well as new cards you could be trying out for the first time. No matter what, you'll be able to enjoy Disney Lorcana at your pace of play to accomplish your early goals.

At Your Local Friendly Game Store

When Disney Lorcana was first released at hobby stores, the hype was real. We kicked off season 1 of organized play and my first few weeks were using the Ruby/Emerald starter deck from The First Chapter. While I am not new to TCGs in general, it did take some time to get used to the play style of Lorcana and ruleset. Thankfully, our group of local players were very friendly and helpful to each other so that we can all learn the game we now love to this day. League night isn't the only time to play, as you could meet players on off-days to continue playing and practicing, just like you would at home. Your local game store is also a great place to trade with other players or pick up new products, such as booster packs or singles when you need a few new cards for your brand new brew. Overall, the community of players and stores are doing a great job supporting the Disney Lorcana community and it only makes sense for it to be the central hub to continue playing and practicing.

Venture To Other Game Stores

Given that Disney Lorcana is played across many different game stores, it only makes sense to venture out and play with more players to get a better understanding of what players are playing at a regional-level. This prepares you for more competitive play once Store Championships roll around. These are one-time events hosted at approved game stores for each set release where you can expect competition to be at its highest. Don't worry though, as the community still does a good job at remaining respectful. However, if you've reached this point, you should know what to expect when playing for exclusive prizes only available during these championships.

Travel to Disney Lorcana Challenge Events

Currently the highest level of organized play is at the Disney Lorcana Challenge Events, which are events located in both North America and European regions. These events are expected to be the highest level of Disney Lorcana play, with players continuing to compete for highly coveted prizes only available at these challenge events. These challenge events typically host a main competitive event, with on-going side events to play all kinds of game modes, such as sealed deck, sealed starter deck, draft, and Constructed tournaments. Recently, I attended the first event hosted in Atlanta, and the love for the game from casual to competitive is real. There were people dressed up in costumes, full blow cosplay, and team attire. With it being my first large scale competitive event, I felt surrounded by similar individuals that shared the same passion of Disney Lorcana as myself. If you're looking to experience magic beyond the table, I strongly suggest trying to attend one of these events.

On The Web

Currently, Disney Lorcana does not have an official app to play with other Illumineers across the globe. However, that hasn't stopped people dedicated to playing games through the internet. This is not uncommon across other TCGs, and we'll soon see more players adopting this method to continue putting in reps on their favorite decks. This opens up a bit more accessibility to those that have challenges playing in person, whether it's due to anxiety, being immunocompromised or disabled. This is one of the best ways to ensure as many people are playing Disney Lorcana as possible.


There you have it, new product for a fantastic follow up to Into the Inklands. What will you be getting? Be sure to let me know on Twitter/X: @_EmeraldWeapon_.

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