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The Deck Tease #118 — A Bevy of Levy


Erin adds another stamp to her passport, thanks to French Pro Tour Hall of Famer Raphael Levy on this week's episode of The Deck Tease!

To kick things off, Raphael reflects on his early experiences playing Magic and how he overcame the odds. Next, Raphael talks about the French Magic community and his feelings about being a representative for them. Last, Erin and Raphael discuss how pro players are treated, Magic's image problem, and the other hobby that takes up so much of his time.


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The Cast

  • Erin Campbell — (@OriginalOestrus) — Host of The Deck Tease
  • Raphael Levy — (@hahamoud) — Competitive Magic player, Member of the Pro Tour Hall of Fame, Writer for TCGplayer

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