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The Girlfriend Bracket #48 — Snakes and Ladders


Four female Magic players from three different time zones decide to join forces to create a podcast about the game they love and the experiences they have had playing it. Each week, Erin, Hallie, Katie, and Kriz will discuss hot topics in the community and share their stories from the local game store, major events, and beyond.

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  • Hallie played in a Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier and settled on her deck choice for Grand Prix Houston.
  • Kriz tells us all about her newest homebrew: Red, White, and Blurn.
  • Erin tried out the all new Legacy league on Magic Online.
  • Star City Games Open Louisville: complex judge calls, Eldrazi dominance, and tank tops.
  • We throw our hats into the debate of “man lands” versus “creature lands.”
  • A listener asks, “Will the nerves that I face when playing competitively go away on their own or with more experience?”

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The Cast

Erin Campbell — @OriginalOestrus

Hallie Santo — @halcansan

Katie Neal — @MeanMugger

Kriz Schultz — @tehKriz

The Girlfriend Bracket — @TheGFBracket

E-mail — thegirlfriendbracket at gmail dot com

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