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This Week in Magic: Friday, May 24


Modern Horizons 3 Official Previews Begin

Following weeks of leaked cards hitting the internet, Wizards of the Coast finally began showing off official Modern Horizons 3 previews! The overwhelming majority of cards previewed early on were ones that had previously leaked, though the coming days brought with them tons of sweet cards that hadn't been shown yet. Many of these cards have prompted interesting discussion, deck brewing, and even a little concern in the case of powerful common Cranial Ram.

Ulamog, the Defiler
Strix Serenade
Phlage, Titan of Fire's Fury

Main set previews will continue throughout the week on various sources which you can find in the set's "Where to Find" article with Commander previews following next week. Additionally, you can check out the full official Card Image Gallery that's updated regularly. And, of course, if you're in the mood for any of these super powerful cards, be sure to check out the CoolStuffInc.com page for the set here, where every new card is added to the website daily!

Enemy Fetch Lands Available On MTG Arena

In a surprising announcement, MTG Arena revealed in their weekly announcements that you could buy a full set of enemy fetch lands on the client! These lands are bundled together to get you four of each for either 8,000 gems or 40,000 gold. These prices caused some controversy among the player base for the difficulty in acquiring these, though in spite of that, the addition of them to the client was highly welcomed by fans of the Timeless format. These will only be available for a limited time, so if you want to get a set of them, I'd recommend picking them up sooner than later.

Magic Online Experiences DDoS Attacks

Over the past few weeks, Magic Online has had a number of problems with connection issues, events dropping players, and more. In each case, Daybreak Games has apologized and provided reimbursements as needed. This week, however, the company revealed that the game has been getting hit by DDoS attacks which have been causing all manner of issues.

Daybreak has helped provide for players with issues to the best of their ability. Additionally, the company announced that due to these attacks impacting access to the popular Vintage Cube, they would be foregoing the scheduled Modern Horizons 2 phantom drafts and would instead extend the time the Vintage Cube would stick around. If you continue to have issues, I'd highly recommend checking the program's Twitter page (listed above) for further details.

The Amazing All DFC Commander Deck

Every so often, a truly unique novelty shows up on the internet. This week, Magic Twitter was on fire talking about the player who brought a deck to their local Commander night that was unlike anything anyone had seen before: a deck that was 100% made up of double-faced cards. Well, maybe that's been done before, but not like this! Every card was represented by a checklist card or a blank placeholder card in a 100 card unsleeved deck, with the actual cards sitting sleeved off to the side. The poster, d_scuffle, posted the person's list on Moxfield, which you can find here if you want to show your friends something truly awesome at your next Commander night.

Decklist of the Week

This week is like a calm before the storm. We saw our first set of major Pauper events following last week's banning of All That Glitters and Stickers from the format. Two of the three Magic Online Challenge events were won this week by Goblins Combo! This deck wins by utilizing First Day of Class with Putrid Goblin and Skirk Prospector to generate infinite Red mana and find all manner of ways to establish a victory. These results come mere weeks before the addition of the powerful commons Modern Horizons 3 brings with it, namely the powerful Cranial Ram that was previewed yesterday.

Paige Smith

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