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MTG Potpourri #9 – Brazen Awesome Bullossoms


Joining you this week is your host Tom, formerly of Monday Night Magic for many years, as well as two esteemed cohosts in Adam Styborski (@the_stybs) and Conley Woods (@conley81). Our goal is to bring you some Magic news, some pro-level talk, random topics du jour, and a little entertainment.

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  • As a passive aggressive move against Adam, I am announcing our meet-and-greet for Grand Prix Minneapolis first up on the show notes!

    • Date: Saturday, May 10th
    • Time: 10:00 P.M.
    • Location: TBD (e-mail if you have suggestions!)
  • We talk a bit more about Journey into Nyx and some Limited deck archetypes that are likely to surface.
  • Tom gets a bit historical on the art for Deserter's Quarters, which appears to depict a notorious torture device known as the "Brazen Bull" or "Sicilian Bull".
  • Look up your own synonyms for words: http://thesaurus.com/browse/limited.
  • We also received some more great e-mails, and we dig into the hard-hitting question, "What keyword would you be?" Tom shows his ignorance of keywords versus ability words. We also talk about what keyword describes this lovely podcast. Check out this impressive list of all keywords and ability words for Magic!
  • Oh, Tom also tries to correct Conley that the Awesome Blossom is the ultimate comfort food.
  • Send in those e-mails—it truly makes my day (Tom).

Deserter's Quarters

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