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Trick's Giving Gifts To You For His Birthday!


Entries Closed

On this day, 27 years ago, the world was rocked by the birth of Patrick "Trick" Jarrett (and the actor Christopher Lloyd, 72 years ago). In celebration of his birthday, he's giving away stuff! To you! And you! And you and you and you!

Prizes are provided from a number of companies and individuals as well as from ManaNation.com and Trick himself... so far?

What companies are helping Trick with his birthday?

What individuals are helping Trick with his birthday?

  • Jon Medina - Ex-ManaNation writer and current StarCityGames.com writer
  • Andre Garcia - Artist of the T:apped Webcomic
  • ...more?

The Prizes

  • 4 Gift Certificates to CoolStuffInc.com, each for $25
  • 6 Gift Certificates to SwagDog.com, each for one the recently announced MTG T-shirts
  • 1 Ascension board game from Gary Games (this boardgame is taking the MTG community by storm.)
  • 1 Cartoon Portrait of you drawn - From Andre Garcia
  • 1 Playset of Ratchet Bombs - From Jon Medina
  • 1 Mirrodin Lunch box as seen on twitter, facebook, and forums around the web. It's a limited item sent out for promotional use. Very awesome! - From ManaNation
  • 2 of the limited print-run ManaNation t-shirts (size limitations unfortunately, I have: L, 2XL and 3XL) - From ManaNation
  • 1 "Mystery grab bag of awesomeness" of Random MTG stuff - From Trick
  • 3 Scars of Mirrodin Draft Packs (that is: 3 booster packs) - From Trick
  • ....so far?

Want to contribute something to the give away? Email Trick: trick@mananation.com.

How do you enter? Simple as 1, 2, 3, 4. Each step completed counts as an entry into the drawing for various prizes!

1. Twitter

Tweet the following message.

Happy b-day Trick! Gimme a present! Follow @ManaNation for MTG articles & news! RT to win! http://mtg.mn/tN #tricksbday

Your tweets are only counted once per day, tweeting multiple times in the same day do you no good.

2. Facebook

Make sure you're a "fan of" or "you like" the ManaNation's Facebook Page and then go comment on the post there!

3. Wish Trick a Happy Birthday!

Scroll down and leave a comment on this post wishing Trick a happy birthday and what you love about ManaNation. Your comment must have some way for us to contact you, whether you login via Facebook or Twitter, include an email address (obfuscated if you prefer) or whatever - Just need to be able to reach you if you are picked.

4. Email!

Email trickjarrett@gmail.com with a photo of you, doing something, holding something, with a sign, all wishing him happy birthday. He'll pick winners from the emails received! As well as those randomly picked, there will be a winner for the "funniest" and "most creative" photos received.

When does this all end?

11:59:59pm EST on Tuesday, October 26th, 2010. With winners announced on Thuesday, October 28th, 2010!

Entries Closed!

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