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Two New Writers


I promised in 2009 that we'd return to articles on ManaNation.com, and in 2010 you can expect us to continue to expand and improve on the weekly features we are able to offer our readers. I'm excited to announce that the expansion begins this week with the addition of two new columnists, both Magic bloggers and twitter users that you may already know.

Lauren Lee - Lauren will be writing for us on Tuesdays alongside Ben McDole. She blogs at http://mulldrifting.blogspot.com. We're still deciding on her theme and topic, but she has an excellent writing style, is an excellent player, and has a critical eye for all things Magic. Follow her on twitter, @mulldrifting

Russell Tassicker - You may already read Russell's blog at http://gwafahazid.wordpress.com, he does some financial blogging for Magic. He will be writing for us on Wednesdays with an eye to competitive decks, looking at them and their performance, and also at their budget and costs. Follow him on twitter, @rtassicker.

I'm very excited to have both of them writing for ManaNation and look forward to their upcoming articles!

-- Trick

Update: Updated to reflect the proper twitter name for Lauren Lee, please follow @mulldrifting rather than @unrealeel.

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