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An Exclusive Look at Magic Comic #18


I love the Magic comic books.

As someone who has every issue of every released comic, I'm now in, weekly, with a subscription, to pick up my comic from my new known associates.

I grew up in a small town, and didn't grow up with the comic community. Sure, I knew comics existed, and occasionally read them, but they didn't grab me.

Hoo boy has that changed.

I read the 90s Magic comics; they were ok.

I checked out the IDW Lines, those were fun.

And then we have Boom. We're now on book #18 and I have an exclusive sneak peek.

Tezzeret knows he's been betrayed... and he's set his bloodhound, Tibalt, on the traitor's trail. Now Garruk, Chandra, and Niko are all that stand between Davriel Cane and a gruesome death at Tibalt's hands. Cane's agreed to play bait, but insists on a Cabaretti-class production behind him, complete with a guest star Planeswalker who might just give our heroes what they need to find their way back to Ravnica and save Vraska, Kaya, and Ral!

We're starting off with the undefeated Miguel Mercado and his cover:

Call up Tony, you know he needs this cosplay fit.

Comic #18 is now out! Go find yourself a copy and support truly stellar writing, artwork, and extra insight into Magic's planeswalkers.

-Vorthos Mike

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