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Community Spotlight: Dios


It's the holidays and I love looking back on 2018 on Magic sets, new artists and community related efforts. Today, I'm here to introduce you to Dios:

He has been a force of nature in our Magic community creating profile images for community members, playmats for special events and a ton more. He is an artist, and I guarantee you have seen some of his Magic fan art already. Akin to Dave Lee's (Derfington) avatar images of a few years ago very popular with the Heavy Meta podcasting community of Magic players, Dios is the artist popular with today's streamers and content creators like moderator master Ian Dixon:

WIthout further ado, the Erin Campbell question of, "who are you and why should we care?" is an easy answer. He's in our little community, his art is great and he can be commissioned by you! And she too has a commision by him:

What is your name?

Hi! My name Is Diogo Lopes Revoredo, AKA Dios.

Where are you from?

I'm from Nova Iguaçu, Rio de Janeiro, but I've lived in Natal since I was 6.

You're Brazilian, nice! What do you do by day?

I teach kids how to write and speak portuguese correctly from 7AM to 6PM everyday.

Portuguese teacher? Cool. And by night?

It's the time I have to draw so that's what I do.

What is something that people don't know about you?

Ah... My favorite Legendary creature is Isamaru, Hound of Konda.

Love that good boy. How were you trained to do art?

My mother was an artist. I grew up trying to be as good as her, so I trained a lot. Never watched a single art class in my life, by the way.

A huge thank you to her for creating a life filled with art. While she is no longer with us, her love of art is now with you, able to share with us.

What do you find the easiest thing to draw?

Noses. I Love to draw noses.

Yeah I can see that in April's portrait you made. What brings you the most joy to draw?

Monsters! I Love to draw stylized creatures. I like to play with the shapes and create new stuff using old concepts.

Makes sense. What skill in artmaking are you working on the most?

While a lot of digital drawing/painting, for sure, I also love to work with watercolors, colored pencils and markers too.

Yes you can commission him to make traditional art! Look into that!

What art are you most proud of making?

Back in 2010 I did a piece based on the last chapter of "The Dark Tower", from Stephen King. That was my first digital painting without the lines and, even it's not perfect, I really like how it is.

What do you find more fun to draw, a man or women?

Fun?... Hum... I think it is a man. I'm very careful when I draw women, so I tend to be more concentrated (and less free to play with the silhouette) when I draw men. Women are more challenging to draw.

Well it doesn't look like you struggle. That's for sure.

Are you more into dogs or cats?

Dogs, of course.

My man.

What is the Magic culture like where you live?

I know that the LGS of my city have a loyal group of people who plays competitively (Standard, Modern) but as a very casual player, I barely go to the LGS to play with them. The greatest part of MTG players around here (Natal) prefers to play commander, cube or the "kitchen table" MTG with friends at home.

Well of course, that's the best way to play-with known associates.

Do local stores know who you are? Do you make things for them?

Not really. American Game stores know more of my work. I do a lot of tokens and playmats for Cape Fear Games, Dungeon Games and Njoy- Games and Comics more than the Brazilian ones. Actually I just work for one store here, Mulligan Geek Store, and it's not even in my state.

How can people find you?

I've limited my social networks due to the short time I have to manage them, so you can find me on twitter (@diosboss) and Instagram (@diorevoredo).

Thank you Dios, we appreciate the time over the holiday.

If people would like to commission him to make you a playmat, some board game component, a token, an avatar picture or more, drop him a note above!

-Vorthos Mike

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