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Wanted: Hardcore Collectors


Magic was born out of the tradition of collectors, people with the desire to own the game and all its pieces. They are the ones who obsess over the pieces of the game, the variations, the misprints, the miscellaneous extras. And I want to talk to them!

You don't necessarily have to collect every card in Magic (though that would seem to be a core piece of Magic collections), you could collect original art, or you could collect the various t-shirts and accessories etc. But it needs to be the hardcore collection. I envision people with vaults of Magic items under armed guard day and night. An eccentric billionaire with too much time on his hands. Or perhaps the family father who finds his sanity in the time he spends collecting Magic the Gathering.

Please contact trick@mananation.com if you have a very large collection of Magic and/or Magic memorabilia.

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