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What is Skribit?


Skribit is a small dot-com startup in Atlanta GA. It provides a simple tool for a complex task, getting feedback from site visitors on what they want to hear about. We've tried to do this a few times through our polls or forum posts. We're going to try Skribit!

What will it drive for ManaNation?

It will help with content for both articles and episodes, though there will be a lag. We normally film an episode two+ weeks before it goes live (unless the content is time sensitive) so bear with us and believe that your input is going to be heard.

How do you use skribit?

Anyone visiting the site will see it on the lower right side of the homepage. You can either click the "VOTE" button next to an item to add your voice the chorus, or you can click on the top image and suggest your own topic for consideration.

Our new widget from skribit.com

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