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The Top Ten Super Rare and Legendary Cards in Lorcana's Rise of the Floodborn


Rise of the Floodborn doubled our card pool. Between six colors of ink and 408 cards decks evolved, others grew from nothing, and a few were laid to rest. As the second set, it was easy enough to make heads-or-tails of the cards right out of the gate, rather than waiting for the whole game to be available. Here are the Top Ten Super Rare and Legendary cards from Rise of the Floodborn.

10. Snow White - Well Wisher

Try to play Snow White - Well Wisher for her 4-ink shift cost, and you'll end up happy. Getting a character card back from your discard pile for 6-ink and 3 Strength is underwhelming. With 5 Willpower, though, she can take a hit - and in Amber that means access to healing which will keep her around for a while. If you can get your timing right, Show White can be a tank that snatches a key card and 2 lore.

9. Arthur - Wizard's Apprentice

When spoilers for Rise of the Floodborn were in full swing I had my eye on this card as one of the core pieces of the Amethyst/Ruby Bounce Control deck. Unfortunately, Arthur needs to quest, and the rest of that deck simply moves around questing to get lore without the vulnerability of questing. In another world, Arthur is number one on this list for being a core piece of that deck - but he just doesn't cut it.

8. Cinderella - Stouthearted

This card is what I love about Floodborn characters. A steep 7-ink nets you a formidable 5 Strength, 5 Willpower and the ability to quest for 3, wrapped in knight's armor with Resist 2. On top of that, if you sing once a turn Cinderella can take your opponent's new characters by surprise. Survivability? Check. High lore? Check. Inkable? Check. Picking off your opponent's army only to survive another day. But she also has a high lore. I'm surprised that her cost keeps her off most meta lists I've seen. I'm hoping that Into the Inklands gives her better tools to shine.

7. Beast - Relentless

This Emerald Beast has a wildly abusable ability that lets him ready and quest over and over on the same turn. He hasn't found a home deck yet that takes advantage of this cavalcade of 2 lore - but there's no doubt in my mind that with more cards that deal a single damage at a time this card will really find his place.

6. Belle - Hidden Archer

Emerald/Steel Discard deck has been clawing its way to prominence due to easy discard like Hypnotize. Belle creates a complex decision point for your opponent in the early game. If your opponent still has cards in hand, they must ask themselves if they're willing to give up that advantage just to take her out. With only 3 Willpower it's not too hard to one-shot her, but that lets your other discard tools keep your opponent without a hand.

5. Cinderella - Ballroom Sensation

Ballroom Sensation is simple. She's a 1-ink Singer. No matter what other ink you pair with her she can sing absolute bangers like Zero to Hero, Part of Your World, and Be Our Guest. She's thankfully found a home in Amber/Steel Songs Midrange where she becomes part of a removal package being able to also sing Let the Storm Rage On and Strength of a Raging Fire while also netting free lore through Sleepy's Flute.

4. Lady Tremaine - Imperious Queen

It was no surprise that Maleficent - Monstrous Dragon made number 2 on my list for The First Chapter. Lady Tremaine - Imperious Queen is the Dollar General Maleficent. There's so much value if you can pay her Shift cost, saving 5-ink compared to her Dragon counterpart. For 4-ink she's also grabbing you 2 lore on your turn, and a decently sized 4 Willpower. However, unlike Maleficent, you don't get to choose your target - this is inconvenient at best. On the other hand, it allows us to get around Ward. Since you're not choosing, characters with Ward are eligible banish targets.

3. Alice - Growing Girl

Any deck running Alice - Growing Girl will see how quickly Support can snowball out of control. Support usually allows a questing character to grant an ally with Strength to take out an opponent's threat. And that allows decks with Alice more options as far as how to let quest and who to let challenge. The flexibility of giving all your characters Support can seem overwhelming. Players growing from good to great will be able to make in-the-moment decisions of who should Support who, and who should challenge.

The good thing is that Alice also provides a win condition within that support that makes her base lore 5! With more than one Alice on the board, or effects that let you ready her you can change the game in no time.

2. Mufasa - Betrayed Leader

This is a tough decision. Mufasa has seen a meteoric rise in the last few weeks and is now sold out. That's not shocking after the rise of the Amber/Ruby Mufasa Midrange deck that put Amber/Ruby Bounce Control in its place. I wrote a whole article regarding Mufasa and that deck here if you want to read more.

1. Beast - Tragic Hero

Both Sapphire/Steel Resist Control and Emerald/Steel Discard Control are utilizing Beast. Beast is either a draw engine or a menace to your opponent's questers. Paired with Cogsworth - Grandfather Clock, his survivability skyrockets and allows you to draw while questing for 2 every turn. In the discard deck, he'll further divide the card advantage between you and your opponent.

There's exploration with Beast in Amber to pair him with healing. While he's wounded, attack with his increased Strength - then heal him to prepare for next turn.

The utility that Beast offers in Steel makes it obvious why his price was so high at the beginning of the set. Unfortunately, you can't utilize his Shift to play him much earlier since the cheapest other Beast costs 4, but you can play him on turn five and save ink. But that'll change next set when Morph comes to play.

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