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Zendikar Repacks and Limited Play


In case you missed our previous post, here is the quick details. It has been discovered that Wizards of the Coast has inserted old cards into random packs of Zendikar. Currently it is believe to be approximately 1 in 750 booster packs has such a card, though this is not confirmed as the official rarity. These are cards like Mox Jet, Mox Diamond, Taiga and Candelabra of Tawnos. As such, having cards from Unlimited in your Zendikar pack can cause issues for new players during the pre-release should they open it.

One of the first questions we began getting asked was how the repack cards would be utilized or ruled on in Limited Play. Well Wizards addressed this in an email that went out to the WPN mailing list.

Section 7.3 — Card Use in Limited Tournaments

Other than basic land, only cards from the expansions of the boosters opened (and only cards opened in that player's pool) may be used in a player's deck. For example, in a Magic 2010 Sealed Deck tournament, any card in a booster other then the Magic 2010 game cards received by the player and basic land may not be used in a player's deck during that tournament.

Section 7.5 — Sealed Deck Swap

In Sealed Deck tournaments, the Head Judge may require players to perform a deck swap prior to deck construction. Players receive unopened product and register the contents (except basic land cards) on deck lists. Any card in a booster that is not a card from the expansion of the opened booster is retained by the player that registers the cards (example: a player that registers the contents of a booster during a deck swap keeps the token card, if any). Players who drop from the tournament before fulfilling this duty will receive a match loss in the first round. Tournament Officials then collect the recorded card pools and re-distribute them randomly. A player may randomly receive the product he or she registered. The Head Judge should require players to sort the cards they register according to some criteria (e.g. color and then alphabetically) to assist the player receiving the pool.

As you can see, during Sealed Deck if you open packs and find an old card that has been put in place of one of your booster packs, you keep it even if the judge decides you need to pass booster packs.

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