Customer Rewards Program!

Customers who purchase from us earn discounts on all future orders! Our Rewards Program is one of the many great features of our site. It rewards customers who come back to the site again and again for our top-notch products and customer service. We value our customers and want to say thank you for choosing us for all your gaming and collectible needs.


  • How do I join?

    All customers automatically join when they make a purchase from the site.

  • Do my past purchases count?

    Customers can receive full credit for their past orders by contacting us and providing the relevant information.

  • What do I get?

    Customers will receive a discount on all future orders based on the previous amount spent on the site. See the table below:

    ** Does not include unique, one of a kind items.

    Unique cards can be identified easily:

    1. They do not have a condition and say See Description.
    2. They have a unique ID number assigned to them.

    Most cards over $100 in value will be unique (e.g. The Power Nine from Magic the Gathering). These types of items are discounted by the percentage shown under the General Products Discount category.

    Reward NameGeneral ProductsSingle Cards & Single MinisLevel
    1st0.00%0.00%$0.00 - $49.99
    2nd0.50%1.00%$50.00 - $99.99
    3rd1.00%2.00%$100.00 - $199.99
    4th1.50%4.00%$200.00 - $299.99
    5th2.00%6.00%$300.00 - $499.99
    6th2.50%8.00%$500.00 - $999.99
    7th3.00%10.00%$1000.00 - $1999.99
    8th4.00%12.50%$2000.00 - $4999.99
    9th5.00%15.00%$5000.00 -  
  • How do I check where I stand?

    Log in to view your current reward level.

  • What if I have a promo code?

    If you have a promo code and are also eligible for customer rewards then the best discount between the two promotions is automatically selected. Multiple discounts do not combine on the same item.

  • What purchases count?

    All purchases minus any discounts and excluding shipping costs count towards the rewards program. If you make a $50 purchase and have a 10% discount so you only pay $45 before shipping then you'll be credited for a $45 purchase.

  • Can I combine it with other promotions?

    If we have a sale on an individual item then yes, but other promotions cannot be combined with the Customer Rewards Program.

  • How do I keep track?

    When you create an account any purchases made while logged in to that account will count towards your total.

  • Does my current order count towards my customer rewards?

    No, your account will be updated after the order is complete and shipped. Therefore, anything you buy now will apply towards your next purchase.