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Claustrophobia Board Game

Claustrophobia Board Game


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Product Details

This game is for two players, one plays the demons and the other the human Westerners. The two camps are found in the middle of labyrinthine sewers. The board is built during the course of the game.

Claustrophobia is scenario based, resulting in a high replay value, especially as each camp is played differently...

For the Westerners it is a question of surviving the increasingly violent attacks of the demons. While the light sources are reduced progressively, the demonic troglodytes become increasingly stronger and return in ever increasing numbers!

Of course the human player has to organize their figurines to keep them protected, while using their equipment as well as possible in order to win the scenario!
Play Time:
  • 36 tunnel and room tiles
  • 7 pre-painted figurines
  • 5 reference cards for the Humans
  • 5 Card stands
  • 25 Plastic damage tokens
  • 6 gift cards
  • 6 objects cards
  • 15 advantage cards
  • 1 Board of Destiny
  • 7 reference cards for the Demons
  • 16 events cards
  • 20 Threat Point tokens
  • 10 Wound tokens
  • 14 various tokens
  • 1 10-sided die
  • 1 Rule book

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