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  • Robo Rally (2005 Edition)
  • Robo Rally (2005 Edition)
  • Robo Rally (2005 Edition)
  • Robo Rally (2005 Edition)
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Category: Strategy Games
Sub Category:
Ages: 12+
Players: 2 - 8
Play Time: 20 - 120 minutes
Designer: Richard Garfield
Publisher: Avalon Hill
SKU: AVH95039
UPC: 653569284789
Contents: * 1 two-sided docking bay board
* 8 plastic robots
* 4 two-sided factory floor boards
* 2 factory floor guides
* 8 program sheets
* 1 sand timer (30 seconds)
* 26 option cards
* 8 flags with number stickers
* 84 program cards
* 40 life tokens
* 60 damage tokens
* 8 power down tokens
* 8 archive markers
* 1 rulebook with course manual

Robo Rally (2005 Edition)

Avalon Hill

209 customer ratings

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On a distant planet that serves as the Empire's grid-widget factory, the various control computers went about their daily routine. These sophisticated computers were fully equipped with standard intelligence modules to handle any situation which might come up at the factory. Unfortunately, it was this intelligence that made it difficult to bear the months of routine maintenance which bored the computers to electronic tears. For years they had combated boredom by diversions, such as chess. But after several bagillion draws during the last tournament, the computers concluded they were too evenly matched.

Then it happened...

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