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ASL Starter Kit 3

ASL Starter Kit 3

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Product Details

ASL Starter Kit 3 is a self-contained ASL module which will give players the opportunity to start playing Advanced Squad Leader almost immediately. A liberally-illustrated rulebook teaches gamers ASL using a conversational style to teach the concepts of ASL. If you own and play ASL Starter Kit 2 you will be plesantly surprised to find how easy it is to spot the new rules in ASLSK3 - we've highlighted the new rules so that you can skip rereading what you've learned in ASLSK2 and get right to the new rules!

What does ASLSK3 add? TANKS! The famous and deadly German ''Tiger''. The reliable ''Sherman''. The tank which won the east - the T-34.

We know we'll get the inevitable question ''Do I have to buy ASLSK1 and/or ASLSK2 to get ASLSK3?'' The Starter Kits are self contained. Each has everything you need to play what's in the box, with the higher numbers adding to the ASL knowledge you'll have from playing previous Starter Kits. We do not anticipate changing what you've learned from prior Starter Kits (for example, ASLSK3 adds about 6 pages of rules to the base built by ASLSK1 and ASLSK2). A better question would be ''Do I need ASLSK2 if I buy ASLSK3?''. The short answer is a resounding no! You can dive right in with ASLSK3. But if you do, and you like the game, ASLSK1 and ASLSK2 both add more boards and scenarios for you to enjoy. We know it's a little confusing, we hope this clears it up a bit.
Sub Category:
  • 3 8x22 Geomorphic Maps (t, u, and v) for the ASL System
  • 1 full Countersheet of 1/2'' counters
  • 1 full Countersheet of 1/2'' and 5/8'' counters
  • 1 half Countersheet of 5/8'' counters
  • 8 scenarios printed on 4 individual cardstock sheets
  • 2 quick reference charts printed on cardstock sheet
  • 28-page rules booklet
  • 1 12-page vehicle and ordnance notes booklet
  • 2 dice

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