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Thebes Board Game

Thebes Board Game


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Product Details

Nominated for the 2007 Spiel des Jahres award.

In Thebes you and your fellow players are archeologists, who travel through Europe, acquiring knowledge, equipment and assistants. You will be required to excavate historical sites in the regions of ancient Greece, Crete, Egypt, Palestine and Mesopotamia. Time is of the essence in Thebes. Players have to manage time as every action takes between one and ten weeks and the game only lasts for three years. The innovative time track serves both as a turn indicator and game timer. Spend too much time preparing and there will only be dirt left to dig up!
Play Time:
  • -1 Rule Book
  • -1 Summary Sheet
  • -1 Game Board
  • -4 Archeologists
  • -4 Time Markers
  • -1 Year Marker
  • -85 Researcher Cards
  • -10 Exhibit Cards
  • -5 Summary Cards
  • -4 Time Wheels
  • -4 Sets of Excavation Permissions
  • -155 Excavation Tokens
  • -5 Cloth Bags with Colored Tops

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