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Last Night on Earth: Survival of the Fittest Expansion

Last Night on Earth: Survival of the Fittest Expansion

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Product Details

The Survival of the Fittest expansion is packed with 3 all new card decks for Last Night on Earth, as well as new game mechanics, and several intense new Scenarios. The Heroic survivors of Woodinvale can now find powerful Unique Items to help them in their struggle as well as the use of Survival Tactics to keep them alive through the night. Not to be outdone, the relentless horde of Zombies now has access to a host of gruesome Grave Weapons that they can wield against the Heroes. These three new decks (Unique Items, Survival Tactics, and Grave Weapons) can be seamlessly integrated into all existing Scenarios using the same modular 'Dots' system first introduced in the Growing Hunger expansion. Survival of the Fittest also includes new cards for the main Hero and Zombie decks as well as additional full color counters to expand the LNOE toolbox. As the cold night grows ever darker in Woodinvale, only the strongest will survive.

This product requires the Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game board game to play.
Play Time:
  • 1 full color rulebook
  • 20 card Unique Items Deck
  • 20 card Survival Tactics Deck
  • 20 card Grave Weapons Deck
  • 8 new Hero Deck cards
  • 8 new Zombie Deck cards
  • 4 large Scenario cards
  • 4 die-cut counter sheets

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