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Fire and Axe: A Viking Saga Board Game

Fire and Axe: A Viking Saga Board Game


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Product Details

Fear the fury of the Men of the North!

Trade, plunder and colonize the world of the early middle ages! Sail the oceans to the borders of the world. Fight bravely under the banner of the Crow and fearlessly cross the doors of Valhalla!

The civilized world will tremble before you and the priests will chant their more enthusiastic prayers: ''Lord, protect us from the fury of the men of the North''.

Fire and Axe invites you to play the role of Vikings when they were scouring the seas and rivers of Europe for plunder and land between 750 and 1020.

Each of your journeys begins in Scandinavia, where the Vikings and the goods are embarked and where the runes are deciphered. During the voyage, you will trade with the local populations, you will plunder their treasures or you will try to establish colonies.

The speed with which you will pile up wealth and fame will determine your influence upon the early middle ages.

And if you can, you will try to make the stuff of sagas which will be sung by the skalds in the centuries to come.
Play Time:
  • 1 rulebook
  • 1 game board
  • 33 rune cards
  • 27 saga cards
  • 5 longboat tiles
  • 1 wind dial token
  • 33 goods token
  • 15 treasure tiles
  • 67 gold coins
  • 5 drakkar figurines
  • 75 crewman figurines
  • 3 large town figurines
  • 12 small town figurines
  • various counters
  • 3 dice

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