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Galactic Emperor Board Game

Galactic Emperor Board Game


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Product Details

Galactic Emperor is a fast paced empire-building board game of exploration, conflict and struggle for dominance. The last Galactic Emperor has met with a sudden and quite fatal accident. Now there is a power vacuum in the galaxy, and you?re one of the Planetary Dukes who wants to fill it. Each player controls a space sector with a home planet, and for a time, shares the power of the galactic throne. During the fight for control, the central Omega Sun is heading toward collapse? a cataclysm that will only accelerate the chaos!

The game plays over several rounds, and within each round, the roles players choose determine what happens next. There are 7 different types of roles: Explorer, Steward, Merchant, Engineer, Warlord, Regent, and Scientist. All players get a turn to act during each role. Players discover planets, gain resources, build ships, and attack space fleets in a desperate effort to grind foes into cosmic dust!

The player with the most victory points at the end of the game wins, becoming the ultimate Galactic Emperor!
Play Time:
  • 1 Full Color Galaxy Board 48 Sculpted Plastic Fighters
  • 66 Victory Chits
  • 24 Sculpted Plastic Crusiers
  • 70 Galactic Marks
  • 12 Huge Plastic Dreadnoughts
  • 94 Wooden Resource Cubes 12 Technology Cards
  • 38 Custome Sector Tiles
  • 1 Direction Card
  • 66 Colorful Empire Tokens 1 Throne Card
  • 6 Home Starbase Tokens
  • 6 Ship Reference Cards
  • 7 Unique Role Cards
  • 6 Storage Facility Cards

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