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Battlestations: Revised Board Game

Battlestations: Revised Board Game


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Product Details

Battlestations is a character-based adventure game of simultaneous ship-to-ship and boarding combat in space. Players work together against the forces controlled by the referee. Battlestations can be played as one-off missions or as part of an ongoing campaign.

You'll track character's positions on the spaceship layouts and the ships' positions on the hex map. The action in Battlestations is literally character driven. If you want the ship to turn or speed up, a character has to take an action to make it so. If you want the ship's guns to fire at an enemy ship, a character has to take an action to fire the guns.

Take action to defeat enemy warships, resolve alien encounters or adventure through uncharted astral phenomena! The possibilities are infinite, like outer space!
  • 48 double-sided 3.5'' Starship Modules
  • 8 8.5'' x 11'' Hex Maps
  • 160 Die Cut Counters
  • 32 Die Cut Hexagonal Markers
  • 10 Glass Marker Beads
  • 6 Dice
  • 128 cardboard Fold-up Heroes
  • 112-Page Adventure Book

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