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Expedition Sumatra

Expedition Sumatra


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Product Details

Sumatra - Island of many rare species! On behalf of the most famous zoological gardens of the Western World, a few teams of big game hunters set out to the jungle of Sumatra to catch some nearly extinct species for the benefit of posterity. While the black market lures with attractive prices, the inhabitants of the island have a say in the matter as well. Expedition Sumatra leads players into the dense primeval forest of the Indonesian island. Old paths vanish and new ones appear by cleverly flipping and rotating path tiles, as players attempt to build roads through the jungle, track down rare animals, and load them onto their ships.
Play Time:
  • 1 game board
  • 50 double-sided path tiles
  • 18 cargo holds
  • 4 ships
  • 4 trucks with large loading space
  • 4 trucks with small loading space
  • 38 animal markers (2 muntjacs, 6 elephants, 8 rhinoceroses, 10 tigers, 12 orang-utans)
  • 4 action markers
  • 2 game rules (German and English)

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