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Product Details
Ages: 9+
Players: 1 - 4
Play Time: 90 minutes
Designer: Mr. Bistro
Publisher: Plaid Hat Games
UPC: 753182231655
Contents: 1 rule book
8 plastic hero playing pieces
8 hero cards
4 dungeon boss cards
26 cardboard dungeon tiles
80 ability cards
40 encounter cards
23 treasure cards
4 artifact cards
4 player reference cards
40 wound markers
24 training markers
10 dice
1 first Player token

Dungeon Run

Plaid Hat Games

11 customer ratings

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A tale of teamwork and betrayal

The mole ogre howled out as it collapsed into a bloody pile of rent flesh and broken bone. The aging knight bent over, panting heavily, and gave his dwarven peer an approving nod. It had taken great effort between them both to slay the beast, and they had each taken their share of wounds. But in the end their cooperation had paid off and they both knew it. And then their eyes found the treasure chest sitting in the corner of the room.


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