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[DIS] Rallyman Board Game

[DIS] Rallyman Board Game


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Product Details

Rallyman is a board game for 1 to 4 players, ages 9 and above. It is a simulation of rally which includes all the ingredients that give this discipline its flavour of danger and excitement. You won't need a driver's license; you just need to be able to count to 5 in order to deal with the 5 gears of your Micro Rally Car.

Each player takes on the role of a rally driver (rallyman) who, with the help of their co-driver, tries to reach the end of each stage as quickly as possible without losing control of the Micro Rally Car.

Whenever a die is rolled, the appearance of a symbol announces an increase in the level of risk incurred.

Before the race, the crew carried out the reconnaissance of the route. The co-driver took the proper notes which will be given to the driver during the race. In Rallyman these notes are marked on the road and correspond to the recommended gear to make the best of each of the corners, shortcuts and bumps.

Depending on his driving, the driver will collect cards with timings ranging from 10 to 50 seconds. The accumulation of these cards will determine the total race time at the arrival of each course, which is known as a special stage.

The winner is the player who has spent the smallest amount of time to complete a set of 3 rally special stages.
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