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Jab: Real Time Boxing

Jab: Real Time Boxing


Sorry, this product is not currently available.

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Jab is out-of-print and will not be reprinted.

JAB is a strategic boxing game unlike anything you've played before. In JAB, you get direct control over your boxer's fists, providing an experience as close as possible to real boxing without getting punched in the face. JAB is real-time. There are no turns. You can play as fast as you want, but remember: playing smart is more important than playing fast.
To win the game, get a knockout by throwing devastating haymakers at your opponent until he staggers to the ground, or strategically win more rounds than your opponent by impressing the judges with your beautiful technique.
Finally, you can beat up your friends and family, without the annoying assault charges and anger management classes!
JAB is a complete game, only one copy is required to play.
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