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Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition: Shattered Empire Expansion

Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition: Shattered Empire Expansion

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Product Details

Welcome back to the Twilight Imperium universe. In the Shattered Empire expansion, the galaxy is larger and more dangerous -- and the glory of conquering it is greater than ever before. Now four new races enter the struggle for the Imperial Throne, and up to eight players can vie for control of the galaxy. There are new planets to conquer and new spatial anomalies to contend with, but there are also new technologies to aid each race.

As war rages across dozens of systems, the question remains: Who will unite the pieces of this shattered empire and lead the galaxy into a new age?

In addition to new plastic pieces, new race sheets, and new system tiles, this expansion also adds new Strategy Cards, Political Cards, Action Cards, and Public Objectives, as well as many new optional rules.
  • 28 Systems
  • 8 variant Strategy cards
  • 1 variant Imperial Strategy card
  • 116 plastic pieces
  • 64 Command counters
  • 88 Control counters
  • 22 Domain counters
  • 12 more Trade Goods
  • 8 Trade Contracts
  • 28 Objective cards
  • 12 Shock Troop counters
  • 2 Mecatol Custodians tokens
  • 12 Fighter counters
  • 12 GF counters
  • 12 Space Mine tokens
  • 12 Leader counters
  • 8 Artifacts
  • 16 Facility cards
  • 1 High Alert token

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