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Supernova Board Game

Supernova Board Game


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Product Details

Supernova is a game of space expansion and exploration. 5 civilizations are abandoning their solar system to escape the upcoming supernova of their sun.

Conquer new solar systems by taking over planets, mining moons, and building the most powerful fleet of ships by upgrading your Weapons, Shields, Communications or Engines. Capture the most space by the time the star goes Supernova to be proclaimed the winner!

The combat system is a simple card driven system that is quite possibly the simplest yet most elegant space combat system to date.

This game features some set collection, area enclosure and tile placement on a completely modular board. Play a short or a long version of the game without changing the board. Possibly the first space exploration game where 3D space not only matters, but could be the key to your victory!
Play Time:
  • Supernove Center Board
  • 5 Large Space Boards
  • 7 Small Space Boards
  • 30 Akrylic Nuggets
  • 25 Encounter Markers
  • 20 Technology Markers
  • 6 Planet Markers
  • 6 Moon Markers
  • 1 First Player Marker
  • Scoring Markers
  • 122 Cards
  • 5 Player Screens
  • 5 Player Aids
  • 20 Wooden Technology Markers
  • 275 Hexagonal Tiles
  • 1 Supernova Coin

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