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Feudality Board Game

Feudality Board Game


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Product Details

A long time ago in Europe, ages were pretty Dark. The distribution of wealth back then left a lot to be desired. Greedy people banded together to take things from other people so that the rich could get richer and the poor could have even less. Twas ever thus. Step into the middle of the normal state of human affairs as a Baron or Baroness somewhere almost in Europe a long time ago. Thanks to your birth you have a lot of little people working to make you richer, and you, in turn, are doing your best to make your king even more prosperous. If you do things right, you might someday be king.

Each player starts with a Fiefdom Management card, divided into 64 squares (49 of which can have tiles played on them. Into four of these squares you deploy your Keep, in which you will put your fortification of some sort, and your soldiers. Elsewhere in your land you deploy assorted resource gatherers and buildings in an effort to grow, prosper, and score victory points. Along the way there may be wars, invasions, tournaments, taxes, and a lot of other nonsense. Eventually the game ends and the player with the most victory points will be the winner.
Sub Category:
Play Time:
  • 180 wooden parts
  • 1 Victory Point Track board
  • Senior Player Shield
  • 6 large Keep Tiles
  • 12 Pawns
  • 2 eight sided dice
  • 6 double-sided Fiefdom Management Cards
  • 50 random event cards
  • 208 normal Tiles
  • 24 Fortifications
  • Baronial Actions Reference Card

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