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Atlantis Rising

Atlantis Rising


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Product Details

"But afterwards there occurred violent earthquakes and floods; and in a single day and night of misfortune... the island of Atlantis... disappeared in the depths of the sea." - Plato

Atlantis Rising is a new, fully co-op game, in which each player is one of the councilors of Atlantis nearing its doom. Using their advanced Atlantean science and the energy of their mystic power source, all must work together to construct a cosmic gate capable of transporting what is left of the island to safety, before their civilization is lost forever to the sea.

Will you send your Atlanteans to mine the untapped veins of precious resources at the very tip of the island, hoping to reap great rewards before the oncoming waves smash into the shores? Or will you remain in the relative safety of the island's center, where resources have grown scarce? Perhaps you will tap into the power of the mystic energy source - the lifeforce of Atlantis and key to its advanced technology. You may even seek refuge in the vast libraries of the utopian society, hoping to find some tome which will lead to salvation for the doomed isle. Beware though - even as the island sinks into the sea, the Athenians continue to assault Atlantis, hoping to plunder its riches before it disappears beneath the waves.
Play Time:
  • 6 Character Sheets
  • 40 Atlanteans Gures
  • 37 Map Tiles
  • 40 Knowledge Cards
  • 58 Misfortune Cards
  • 1 Atlantean Navy Board
  • 1 Athenian Galley Gure
  • 1 Sticker Sheet
  • 12 Courage Tokens
  • 6 Mystic Barrier Tokens
  • 21 Components Cards
  • 10 Black Cubes
  • 10 White Cubes
  • 14 Yellow Cubes
  • 20 Silver Cubes
  • 24 Blue Glass Beads
  • 6 Production Dice
  • 1 Attack Die
  • 1 Starting Player Standup
  • Rulebook

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