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Carnival Zombie
Carnival Zombie
Carnival Zombie
Carnival Zombie

Carnival Zombie


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Product Details

In Zombie Carnival players guide a group of characters on the run from Venice to the mainland, away from the terror unleashed emerged from the lagoon and the teeming crowds of Carnival. Carnival Zombie is a cooperative game for 1-6 players who win or lose together as the enemy is the game itself. The group of characters must leave the city, opening the way through the rotting hordes of Infected. The players have to hurry though: the Leviathan on which rest the foundations of Venice is awakening and it is only a matter of time before the city from sinking into dark waters of the lagoon.

Each game is divided into several nights and days. At night, the players fortify themselves behind the barricades to resist the attacks of the Infected. Instead they will move through the city shaken by tremors during the day, when the Infected are recalled by the groans of the Leviathan into the abyss, to move and release their abysmal master the stilts being nailed to the bottom. Players will have different ways to exit city, but little time to do it. And in their path will be hampered by the Boss, the most ruthless servants of Leviathan.

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