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Trains: Rising Sun

Trains: Rising Sun


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Product Details

Welcome Aboard, Again! Trains returns with all-new cards and strategies for you to build the best rail system in Japan. Trains: Rising Sun not only features all new cards, it includes three entirely new boards. Two of the boards are designed specifically for 2 - player games, while the Nagoya map is a new challenge for 2 to 4 players. This standalone game can mix easily with the original Trains game for even greater replay possibilities! Trains: Rising Sun also introduces Route Bonus Cards, allowing you to score additional points for being the first to connect specific stations. Route Bonus Cards are included for the original Trains game as well!

The railways of today are amazing things and bullet trains, freight trains and more keep entire countries running. From transporting the populace to carrying essential materials, trains play an integral part in a nation's power and economic development. You will start with a small set of cards, but by building a more effective deck throughout the game, you will be able to place stations and lay rails over the maps of Japan. Gain enough points from your railways and you will ultimately manage the most powerful railroads in modern Japan!

- Can be played independently or mixed with the original Trains release for even greater replay possibilities
- Features new rules and game mechanics including Route Bonus cards that offer players additional ways of scoring points during the game.
- Features new cards including new rules for Attacks and Reactions.
- Features two new maps that are ideal for 2-player games.
Sub Category:
Play Time:
  • Over 500 cards
  • Dividers
  • Double-Sided Game Board
  • Rulebook
  • 20 Route Markers
  • 84 Wooden Rail Tokens
  • 30 Wooden Station Tokens

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