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Category: Strategy Games
Sub Category: Miniatures
Ages: 13+
Players: 2 - 8
Play Time: 45 - 75 minutes
Publisher: Greater Than Games
Contents: -Large Character Panels for each character in the game
-A deck of Power Cards for each character
-Scenario-specific power cards for Villains
-8 Hexagonal Map Tiles
-Tokens for characters and game effects
-18 6-sided dice (6 red, 6 white, 6 blue)
-A full-color rulebook
-A full-color, comic book style scenario book

Sentinel Tactics: The Flame of Freedom

Greater Than Games

81 customer ratings

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Sentinel Tactics: The Flame of Freedom is a competitive, dice-based, tactical combat game set in the world of Sentinel Comics and Sentinels of the Multiverse where players take on the role of stalwart heroes and dastardly villains battling it out on a hex-grid map. Go head-to-head in skirmish play, or experience pulse-pounding, comic book adventures with the included scenario book. This standalone game comes complete with character Power Cards decks, scenario-specific power cards for villains, eight hexagonal map tiles, tokens for characters and game effects, 18 6-sided dice, a full-color rulebook, and a full-color, comic book-style scenario book.

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