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Bomb Squad

Bomb Squad


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Product Details

Bomb Squad is a real-time cooperative game in which 2-6 players are members of a team operating a robot trying to disarm bombs and save hostages. The players work together, racing against the clock to provide the appropriate instructions for the robot to achieve their mission objectives.

Real-time play: Players each take turns in clockwise order and are free to take as long as they want on their turn. However, there is a timer counting down in real time so players will want to be as efficient-or as fast-as possible. (pressure)

Cooperative game play: The players all work together, winning or losing collectively as a team. Scoring rules enable teams to assess how successful their performance was and work to do better. (friendship)

Hidden Card Information: Players hold their cards away from them so that the fronts are facing the other players. Players give each other Intel to figure out which cards they have in hand. (wits)

Limited Communication: Players may only communicate via the Intel they give each other. Table talk about which cards are needed, or where the robot should go, gives implied hints about which cards to play and is prohibited. (difficulty)
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Mission Book
  • 1 Robot Control Frame
  • 2 battery markers
  • 4 Robot Tiles
  • 6 Double-sided Floor Tiles
  • 15 Role Cards
  • 54 Instruction Cards
  • Hostage, Door, and Bomb Tiles

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