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  • Pandemic Legacy Season 1 (Blue)
  • Pandemic Legacy Season 1 (Blue)
  • Pandemic Legacy Season 1 (Blue)
  • Pandemic Legacy Season 1 (Blue)
  • Pandemic Legacy Season 1 (Blue)
  • Pandemic Legacy Season 1 (Blue)
  • Pandemic Legacy Season 1 (Blue)
  • Pandemic Legacy Season 1 (Blue)
  • Pandemic Legacy Season 1 (Blue)
  • Pandemic Legacy Season 1 (Blue)
  • Pandemic Legacy Season 1 (Blue)
  • Pandemic Legacy Season 1 (Blue)
Product Details
Game System: Pandemic
Category: Strategy Games
Sub Category:
Ages: 13+
Players: 2 - 4
Play Time: 60 - 75 minutes
Artist: Chris Quilliams
Publisher: Z-Man Games
Our Price: $62.99
Contents: * 1 Game board
* 1 Epic-sized board, showing the world's major cities and their status
* 5 Role cards
* 4 Pawns
* 6 Research stations
* 4 Cure markers
* 2 Track markers
* 96 Disease cubes
* 48 Infection cards
* 61 Player cards
* 4 Reference cards
* 1 Rulebook
* And many surprises!

Pandemic Legacy Season 1 (Blue)

Z-Man Games

907 customer ratings


Out of Stock

One Year! One Team! One Hope! It started simply - a virus tougher than the rest. Nothing the team can`t handle. But as January turned to February, it changed again. What resulted is a year that will never be forgotten. This was no ordinary virus. This was no ordinary year. The team on the front lines saw things, lived things, did things that kept humankind from being snuffed out completely. The results of this viruswill be spoken in whispers for generations.

Can your team save humanity? Can your team make it through the year? Can your team face month after month of surprises, set backs, and fleeting victories? Are you prepared for Pandemic Legacy?
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What's in the Box?

Over 300 High-Quality Components!

- 1 Epic-sized game board
- 1 Rulebook
- 5 Role Cards
- 4 Pawns
- 61 Player Cards
- 4 Reference Cards
- 4 Reference Cards
- 48 Infection Cards
- 62 Legacy Cards
- 5 Dossiers
- 1 Sticker Sheet
- 4 Cure Markers
- 2 Track Markers (1 Infection & 1 Outbreak)
-1 Reminder Token
- 96 Disease Cubes (24 in 4 colors)
- 6 Research Stations

Award-Winning Strategy!

2015 Golden Geek Board Game of the Year Winner
2015 Golden Geek Best Thematic Board Game Winner
2015 Golden Geek Best Strategy Board Game Winner
2015 Golden Geek Best Innovative Board Game Winner

2016 Kennerspiel des Jahres Nominee

2016 Goblin Magnifico Nominee

2016 As d'Or - Jeu de l'Annee Expert Winner

2015 Meeple's Choice Nominee

A Hit with Critics and Fans Alike!

"Even though it may end after a series of games, I feel completely satisfied."

"Honestly, I think almost everybody should try this."

"If you like Pandemic, get it. If you like cooperative games, get it. It's worth it!"

- Tom Vasel

"Cinematic, great storytelling."

"It is an amazing experience. It is such a cinematic, engaging experience."

- Zee Garcia

"It feels like you're part of a TV show or a series of movies."
- Sam Healey

"The game is going to surprise you so very much."

"Your copy of Pandemic Legacy is going to be unique to anyone else's in the world."

"Pandemic Legacy is unquestionably a must-buy. [...] 10 out of 10."

- Shut Up & Sit Down

Two Versions - Red & Blue

Don't worry! Each version contains the exact same components, only their box & rulebook artwork has changed color. This allows you to have multiple Pandemic Legacy games running simultaneously.

Save the World!

It's time to stop the Pandemic and go on one of the most lauded thrill-rides ever in gaming. Get your copy today!

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