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Empires: Age of Discovery

Empires: Age of Discovery


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Product Details

Deluxe Edition

Empires: Age of Discovery, designed by Glenn Drover, allows you to revisit the age of exploration and discovery. Take on the role of a colonial power seeking fame, glory, and riches in the New World.

As you proceed through three ages, you can launch expeditions of discovery, colonize regions, expand your merchant fleet, build capitol buildings that give your nation distinct advantages, develop your economy, and, if necessary, declare war.

This edition includes the Empires: Builder Expansion along with the capitol buildings and National Advantage tiles.

Formerly known as Age of Empires III, this deluxe edition has been revamped with new board, art and rules all devised by a committee of game experts and fans from the BGG community and Eagle-Gryphon Games.
Play Time:
  • 6 Player Boards
  • 2 Double-sided Colonist Dock Overlays
  • 420 Miniatures
  • 10 plastic Ship Miniatures
  • 57 Capital Building Tiles
  • 46 Trade Good Tiles
  • Cloth bag with Eagle Games' logo
  • 16 Discovery Counters/Tiles
  • 16-Card Discovery Deck
  • 3 player reference guides
  • 100 plastic doubloons
  • A 50 page score pad
  • 7.5" by 11.5" scoring track
  • Custom glossy black insert tray
  • Revised 20 page Rulebook
  • 23" x 28" Game Board

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