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Star Wars: Unlimited Shadows of the Galaxy
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Elfquest Adventure

Elfquest Adventure


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Elfquest's World of Two Moons is calling! Gather your elf tribe together - your very survival is at stake. Life can be difficult, even brutal, as you deal with fearful and violent humans, treacherous and manipulative trolls, and all manner of strange creatures and harsh environments. This cooperative game for 1-4 players delivers all the wonder, passion, danger, compassion and betrayal of the original best-selling saga.

It features the breathtaking artwork of Wendy Pini interwoven with the imaginative game design of Layman Kingsford. You will stretch your gaming and social skills as you interact with the extraordinary realm of Elfquest as you've never seen it before! The game is played with four characters who must work their way together through various scenarios and events pulled directly from the original Quest stories. Game mechanics are based on dice rolling and resource management.

Dice are provided by the character's attributes of physique, savvy, grace and magic as well as from the unique deck of cards for each character that represent various skills, items, demeanor and allies.

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