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Tumblin' Dice (Eagle-Gryphon Games Second Edition)

Tumblin' Dice (Eagle-Gryphon Games Second Edition)


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This is the initial release of this BRAND NEW version of Tumblin' Dice -- developed especially by Creator Rick Soued of Eagle-Gryphon Games and game designer Randy Nash. You'll get a new, multi-colored board made of high-quality, light-weight wood, with newly-designed dice, pegs and legs!

Tumblin' Dice is a dexterity dice board game consisting of a multi-colored playing field with four sets of colored dice that a player can slide, roll, and flick down its stepped surface. After each person or team has thrown their 4 dice, points are tallied and totaled.

A player can score a multiplier with each die roll, gaining up to 1x, 2x, 3x, or 4x depending on which area of the board the dice rest in. (Dice which land in the 0x region are immediately removed from play.)

Just like shuffleboard or curling, high scoring rolls can become targets for opponents who may hope to knock the die out of the game. Four rounds are played and the player with the most points wins!
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