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Hundred of years from now, when histories of Laar will attempt to read and rewrite the chronicles of today's events, they will most likely not be able to figure out all of the individual moves made as part of the Great Game. Only the actions of the kings will be faithfully preserved in time. They are the ones that will be attributed to the leading roles of divine emperor, unstoppable leader, incisive sovereign. All the labors of their subjects and subordinates, whose names will have been lost in the fog of time, will be attributed to them. These will be our achievements and our names, Viceroy.

The only memory we can hope to leave behind us is our nation - its longevity, the prosperity of its citizens, the envy of our neighbors. You will have to employ all of your talents to win your empire another year or two in the annals of Laar. Are you prepared for this challenge, my friend? Have you mastered the game of politics, or will you learn its rules as you play?

I am willing to wager that you will find ample reason to curse the day you decided to attract the attention of the powers that be.

But now it is too late. Your appointment is confirmed, and it has become a matter of honor. You must prove to everyone that, no matter how incomprehensible the situation, you are the one to bank on. Learn to balance, plan ahead, and anticipate your opponents' moves, and do not disdain to learn from the experience of your predecessors. Never forgive disrespect - from now on, you are the state. be ready, Viceroy, everything is just beginning. Who knows, perhaps your name could make its way into the history of Laar after all...

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