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The Golden Ages

The Golden Ages


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Product Details

The Golden Ages is a euro-style civilization building game, where players lead their civilizations through 4 eras of history. During each era, the civilizations develop technologies, create fine arts, erect buildings, and build wonders. They send explorers to discover the continents, establish cities in distant lands, and send soldiers into battles.

The Golden Ages offers players varied paths to victory. Civilizations may achieve greatness via the arts, history, wonders, technologies, military, income, secret future technologies, and more. The player who most successfully evolves their civilization through history, overwhelming their opponents on the way to glory, will score the most victory points and be declared the greatest civilization of all.

The Golden Ages is designed by Luigi Ferrini, and it features the fascinating artwork of Alexandre Roche, who previously illustrated such highly rated games as Troyes, Jaipur, Bruxelles 1893, Carson City, Rattus, Tournay, and many others.
  • 17 Continent Tiles
  • 1 Sticker leaflet
  • 1 Agora Tile
  • 16 Glory Tiles
  • 100 value in cardboard gold tokens
  • 16 Wonder cards
  • 25 Civilization cards
  • 9 Future Technology cards
  • 10 History's Judgement cards
  • 24 Building cards
  • 1 Player Aid
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 4 Player Board
  • 12 Colonists
  • 4 Score Marker
  • 4 Capital Marker
  • 64 Technology Tiles
  • 48 Cubes

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