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The magic number 7 holds meanings, powers and coincidences dating back to the dawn of time. In Seven7s you have the powers of 7 of the most famous 7s in history. Use these powers carefully to defeat your opponents.

Each player has a hand of 3 cards throughout the game. Each turn players will play 1 card to the 7 columns and then redraw to 3 cards at the end of their turn.

When one of the 7 columns is full of 7 cards the game ends and the player holding the most points wins.

Through thoughtful card play wielding the powers of 7, players vie to strengthen their hands while diminishing the hands of their opponents. Perhaps 7?s and 6?s are reduced to no value through the Ages of Man; or, all Indigo cards are now valued at 7 because of the Colors of the Rainbow power. Maybe you are forced to discard your most valuable card by the 7 Deadly Sins or your opponent?s appeal to the Lucky Gods garners him some bonus victory points.

Play is quick with lots of surprises. Do you have what it takes to harness the powers of the Seven7s or has your luck run out?
Play Time:
  • 1 Rule Sheet
  • 49 Cards
  • 4 Quick Reference cards

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