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Shadows of Brimstone: Caverns of Cynder Expansion

Shadows of Brimstone: Caverns of Cynder Expansion

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Product Details

This Expansion introduces a brand new OtherWorld for Heroes to explore in the fiery, lava-filled depths of... The Caverns of Cynder! Containing a full set of 18 all-new Map Tiles with the Caverns of Cynder on one side and brand new Unique Mine rooms on the reverse, The Caverns of Cynder Expansion not only gives the Heroes an entire new OtherWorld to explore, but also greatly increases the variety of rooms that can be found in the Mines! New Encounter cards will challenge the Heroes at every turn and a full set of Cynder Encounters, Artifacts, OtherWorld Threats, and Map Cards bring adventuring in this new world to life! But beware, Cynder is overrun with burning pits of lava (new Lava Spaces that can set Heroes on fire if they stray too close) and gigantic rocky Lava Men emerge from the depths to terrify all those that would enter their realm (3 large plastic Enemy Lava Men figures, unique to The Caverns of Cynder)!
  • 16 page Rulebook
  • 3 Plastic Lava Men w/Bases
  • 1 Entrance Map Tile
  • 8 Unique Room Map Tiles
  • 4 Standard Room Map Tiles
  • 6 Passage Map Tiles
  • 24 End Tap Map Tiles
  • 1 Double-Sided Enemy Record Sheet
  • 18 Mine Map Cards
  • 5 Mine Artifacts
  • 10 Mine Encounters
  • 18 Cinder Map Cards
  • 10 Artifacts
  • 15 Encounters
  • 3 Threat Cards
  • 6 Cynder Otherworld Threats
  • 1 World Card
  • 2 Reference Cards
  • Die-cut Counters

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