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Spot It! Hip

Spot It! Hip


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Product Details

Don your thick framed glasses! The uber trendy Spot it! has been given a tongue-in-cheek hit of pop culture and hipster flare.

This fast 'n furious card game blows the mind of everyone who plays it. Here's the deal: each card has 8 symbols differing in size and position. There are over 50 symbols in all. Between any two cards in the deck, there's always going to be one matching symbol. This allows you to play five different games, but in every one the goal is to be the first to spot the match. Sure, it's not rocket science, but it's harder than it sounds! Every match will fuel your fire and agonizing over getting beat to the punch by a faster player only adds to the excitement.

From hipster staples like fixies and headphones, internet trends like the ubiquitous hashtag and Grumpy Cat, to cheesy throwback fads like fanny packs and cassettes, these symbols are bound to at least crack a smile.

The cards stay snug in a tiny tin that just may fit into the pocket of your skinny jeans. Take Spot it! Hip wherever you go and you'll BE the party.

Skills developed in this game:
Spot it! develops visual skills including form constancy perception, scanning and focus. The game sharpens reaction time while exercising fine motor skills and cognitive speed in an irresistibly fun atmosphere.
Sub Category:
Play Time:
  • -55 Cards
  • -Illustrated Rules

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