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Long hampered by cost and beset by international problems, real space exploration did not seem possible for humanity. Amazing technological breakthroughs would change all of that in the year 2112. The invention of the Near Faster Than Light (NFTL) drive would make it possible for large ships to move easily in and out of a planet's gravity well, and to travel quickly within the confines of a solar system.

Ten years later, the perfecting of the Faster Than Light (FTL) drive would turn the galaxy into an open canvas. United by a common purpose, the newly formed Terran Confederation spread its wings and began to paint their picture. Expansion led to colonies, research stations, and even more technological discoveries, but it also led to the realization that they were not alone. Although no sentient, alien species had been encountered, long range scanners had picked up the distinctive signatures of FTL drives. Sentient races must exist...and they must be space faring.

Terran expansion stopped. Not knowing what to expect, a period of consolidation followed which emphasized defensive technologies and fleet building. First contact was made with the Talonthincanthanadu in 2227, although the people of earth would just call them the Talons. The shortening of the name made sense, not only for convenience, but because the Talon Empire swooped in very mush like a raptor upon the fledgling Terran Confederation.
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Play Time:
  • Rule Booklet
  • Play Booklet
  • 2 Mounted Maps
  • 3 Laminated Counter Sheets
  • 2 Erasable Markers
  • Half Sheet of Information Markers
  • Pad of Fleet Log Sheets
  • Empire War Map
  • Impulse Chart
  • Two Player Aid Cards
  • Two six-sided Dice

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