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The Resistance: The Plot Thickens Expansion

The Resistance: The Plot Thickens Expansion

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This is a bundle of the Plot Cards and the Sergeant and Rogue promos and a full set of Resistance/Spy cards and a full set of Mission (Success/Fail) cards.

The Plot Cards add opportunities for the resistance players to gain information about their fellow conspirators. But in the hands of a crafty spy, the plot cards can be used to cause even more confusion and subterfuge.

The Rogue Agent module introduces both resistance and spy Rogue Agents. Rogues march to a different drum that have their own victory conditions and would rather win by themselves than see their side victorious. Rogues are the first players in The Resistance that have a unique victory condition and are very interesting play option.

The Sergeant is designated by the leader with ability to change mission results. A very tricky proposition and sure to have everyone second guessing when to use, and when to just threaten with this ability.

Requires The Resistance main game to play.

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