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Exceed: Red Horizon - Reese & Heidi vs Vincent & Nehtali

Exceed: Red Horizon - Reese & Heidi vs Vincent & Nehtali


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ROUND 1. GET READY. FIGHT! EXCEED brings to life the speed, tactics, and variety of high-stakes fighting action. Choose your fighter and enter the arena! There are no packs to open or rares to chase-get everything you need to play right here! Bring your best to the battlefield with four new fighters from the world of RED HORIZON.

Reese - A member of a secret order sworn to defend the world from evil, Reese uses rushdown tactics to corner and outpace his rivals.

Heidi - A mechanical genius who fights on her own and with the help of a giant robot! Build up your power and tinker your way to victory!

Vincent - The sinister president of the United States, Vincent utilizes high-tech power armor and psychic insight to control the battle!

Nehtali - A diabolic emissary from the world beyond, Nehtali corrupts her foes with false gifts of power, then uses that power against them!
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