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Burke's Gambit

Burke's Gambit


Sorry, this product is not currently available.

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Product Details

Join the crew of Burke's Gambit on a wild space adventure with hidden affiliations and a hidden infected player.

Players take on specific roles of Captain, Marine, Comms Officer and more as they take turns and roll a die. The possibilities of the die include damaging another player, healing themselves, look at a crew affiliation card, or even scan a player's diagnostic card. But if you roll an engine power up, you hasten the ship's arrival to Earth. When Burke's Gambit reaches Earth, a vote must be held to eject someone from the airlock (assuming there are people left to space)!
  • -21 Custom Dice
  • -Dice Bag
  • -Rulebook
  • -29 Cards
  • -17 Life Counters

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